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So take the photographs and still frames in your mind

Hang it on a shelf in good health and good time

Green Day Stillness - Icon Challenge
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Green Day Still Icon Challenge

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Info -

Yet another icon challenge community, this one focusing on the band Green Day. Each week, a picture, lyric, or theme will be posted, and you will have the remainder of the week to complete an icon related to the week's challenge. A big thanks to quebelly for coming up with the original 'stillness' community.


To see a list of previous winners and the icons they placed with, go here.

Rules -

- The icon you submit must be in accordance with the week's challenge. It should go without saying, but all icons should be Green Day-centric. More detailed specifications may be posted with the challenge.

- The icon submitted must fit LJ standards (no bigger than 100x100.)

- The icon you submit must be your own work. You will be banned immediately if you are found to be submitting someone else's work and taking credit for it.

- Submit only original work. Post an icon that was made specifically for the challenge, and not an icon you've made in the past that would fit the guidelines. In addition, the icon you submit must remain anonymous until the voting period is over. In other words, don't use it or post it anywhere else.

- It should also go without saying that all icons should be stills, hence the name of the community. No animations.

- Submit only one icon per challenge. Please do not use multiple usernames to submit multiple icons.

- If you'd like to use someone's icon, please comment and ask before taking. Some people would prefer to keep the icons they make for non-public use.

- No flaming. It's nice to see comments praising others' work, but any instances of bashing/flaming/downright rudeness will get you banned.

Submitting an icon -

- Submissions can be entered as soon as a challenge is issued, usually on Sunday evenings. The deadline is the following Saturday by 9:30 pm, CST (or before the poll goes up.)

- Once you've made sure your icon fits the guidelines and adheres to the rules, you can submit it by commenting the post detailing that week's challenge. The comments will be screened, so that only the mod and yourself will see your work before voting begins.

- Submit your icon in this format:


- Concerning the address of your icon, you'll need to upload it somewhere where it can be viewed. Photobucket and Greatestjournal are both excellent places that offer storage space with every account.

Voting and winners -

- Voting will take place every Saturday through Sunday. Winners will be announced Sunday night, and a new challenge will be issued.

- You must be a member of the community to vote, as all polls will be locked.

- Votes are weighted, meaning that even though an icon may have the most votes for first place, it might not win first place. A vote for first place earns 3 points, a vote for second place earns 2 points, and a vote for third place earns 1 point. When voting is over, points are tallied and first, second, and third place are awarded according to those.

- Vote only once, and do not vote for your own icon.

- Feel free to advertise the community to your friends, and link them to the voting post, but do not ask them to vote for your icon. Winners should win because of the quality of their icon, not how many people they can coerce into voting for them.

- Winners will receive a banner (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and on occasion, Mod's Choice) to post on their journal if they'd like. If you'd like to volunteer to make winner's banners, please contact me here. (xxcordysgalxx@yahoo.com) All banners must be saved and uploaded to your own space, not hotlinked to mine. Bandwidth thieves will be banned.

Other -

- If you'd like to suggest a picture/lyric/theme, please do so in this post. No guarantees that it will be used, but it will be appreciated.

Affiliates -

- If you'd like to be an affiliate, please comment to this post or contact me at the e-mail address listed above. -

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Icon journals:

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